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Essential Oils & Diffusers - How To Use And Mistakes You Should Avoid

Essential Oils & Diffusers - How To Use And Mistakes You Should Avoid

Essential Oils have long been praised for all the benefits they carry, but what makes a quality blend and how can we use it so that we can reap all the benefits?While you may be thinking, "There's a lot of water in there and a few drops just doesn't feel like enough." Essential Oils are highly concentrated and adding too much can actually reverse the effects that we hope to get from them. so let's take a deeper dive into how we can achieve the perfect balance!

How much is too much Essential Oil to use in a Diffuser?


Diffusers come with different sized tanks that can range anywhere between 100ml to 500ml. As a general rule of thumb, the ratio to follow is 1 drop per 20ml, or 5 drops per 100ml. So If your diffuser has a 500ml capacity then 25 drops will do the trick. Remember. It's not about more or less. It's about the perfect balance. If you add too much, first of all, the fragrance can be too overwhelming. Secondly, overuse can lead to unwanted problems. Especially if you have sensitivities or allergies.

I've added too much.. What should I do? 

If you added too much, you'll notice it. You may even start to taste it a little. Other symptoms may include getting headaches or migraines, feeling dizzy or experiencing vertigo, and if you really went overboard, you may even start to feel nauseous or start vomiting. If this is the case, what you can do is to stop using the diffuser, and empty the tank into another jar or container. From there, you can dilute your mix with more water and add it back into the diffuser. Easy!

Do I need to use Carrier Oils in my Diffuser?

The function of carrier oils are simply to help carry essential oils, as essential oils are highly concentrated and should not be applied directly to your skin or hair without some form of a buffer (carrier oil in this case). But when it comes to your diffuser, you won't have to worry because the water is essentially taking the place of the carrier oil. Simply follow the recommended steps mentioned earlier and you're good to go!

How long should I diffuse for?


It all depends on your preference. Diffusers can work their magic for anywhere between 1 hour to 8 hours, and there is no exact science to this, but a good rule of thumb to follow is to diffuse for about 30-60mins. That's more than enough time for you to saturate a standard-sized room. And If you're wondering if it's ok to diffuse essential oils every day, the answer is yes. But what you'll want to avoid is constant diffusion, because again, too much can really reverse any benefits you're hoping to get from your diffuser. What you can try is Intermittent diffusion for anywhere between 30-60mins, and then off for 30-60mins again. This way you'll be sure you won't overdo it, and you'll definitely be able to enjoy all the benefits. A little goes a long way! 


Can I mix my own blend of Essential Oils?

Of course you can! There are actually plenty of people out there sharing their tips on how they've successfully created their own concoctions. A good way to start is by researching, understanding, and following some recipes that have been tried and true by others. Here is one of the basics to get you started. There are three main notes that make up a balanced scent. The Top note, the middle note, and the base note. And the goal is simply to create a balanced scent with these three notes. Of course, they may not always be equal in proportion, but they'll work together to bring out the best in each other. What you can do is find out which oils will work well for which notes. From there, you can start experimenting and blending away!

How often should I clean my diffuser?


It's essential to clean your diffuser between each use. The last thing you want is your essential oil to be diffusing unwanted particles into your home. If you don't clean it, things like residual water in the tank can cause mold and/or mildew growth, or you may even end up getting too much oil in the tank. Luckily, maintenance isn't hard, so don't worry. to clean it, you simply need to wash your diffuser tank with gentle soap and warm water after each use, and make sure it's completely dry. And after multiple uses, it's also a good idea to let the diffuser run on one cycle with just water. That way it can really rid your diffuser of any unwanted residue


Diffusers are truly an awesome way to enjoy aromatherapy and relax in the comfort of your home. You can also turn it into something fun and exciting by experimenting and creating your own personal blend. As long as you take proper care and steps, you're all set to enjoying the great benefits it brings! 


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