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Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Candles 

  • Why Do People Use Scented Candles?
  • Are Certain Candle Waxes Better Than Others? 
  • Are Scented Candles Safe? 
  • Are Candles Made From Paraffin Wax Safe? 
  • I Am Pregnant. Can I Still Use Your Candles? 
  •  How Do I Use Candles Safely? 

2. About Yankee Candle

  • How to Prevent Black Smoke And Soot When Using My Candle? 
  • My Candle Is Not Burning At The Sides. What Should I Do? 
  • What Is The Burn Time Of Your Candles? 
  • How Long Can Your Car Fragrances Last? 
  • How Long Can Your Reed Diffusers Last? 
  • How Long Can The Candle Warmer's Bulb Last? 
  • How To Love Your Yankee Candle 
  • What Is The Difference Between A Single Wick and A 2-Wick Candle? 

 3. Ordering 

  • Can I Place a Bulk/ Corporate Order? 
  • Can I Use My Gift Voucher To Buy Online?
  • Can I Place An Order By Phone? 

4. Payment

  • Do I Pay GST for Your Products? 
  • How Do I Know If My Payment Went Through? 
  • What Payment Modes Do You Accept? 
  • When Will My Credit Card Be Charged? 

5. About Delivery

  •  Has My Order Been Delivered? 
  • How Much Is Your Delivery Fees? 
  • I Did Not Receive My Items. 
  • I Have An Item Missing From My Delivery.
  • I Received The Wrong Item. 
  • I Want To Deliver To Multiple Addresses. 
  • My Product Is Damaged/ Defective When I Received It 
  • What Are Your Delivery Timings? 
  • When Will My Order Be Delivered? 

6. Gift Voucher 

  • Do You Sell Cash Voucher?
  • I've Lost My Gift Voucher, What Should I Do?
  • My Gift Vouchers Are Expired.
  • Where Can I Redeem The Gift Voucher?

    7. Exchange, Refund, Return 

    • Does Your Candle Warmer Have A Warranty? 
    • I Have Changed My Mind. Can I Ask For An Exchange/ Refund? 
    • I Received Your Item As A Gift, But I Don't Like It. 

    8. Guarantees 

    • Privacy Policy

    9. Terms of Use 

    10. International Shipping

    • Do You Ship Overseas?

    11. Additional Support 

    • How Do I Contact You?

     12. Locate Us