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Love Your Candle – Handy Hacks for Anyone Who Has A Candle

Love Your Candle – Handy Hacks for Anyone Who Has A Candle

On our previous edition of “The Secrets of Candle Care”, we shared two effective ways to treat your candle right and now we’re back for more! If you own a candle, you’ll want to take notes to become a candle care expert.

Notebooks ready? Let’s go!


Allow To Pool

Tunneling is definitely the enemy of any candle owner. To solve this, your first burn is the most important because it sets the start of your candle’s journey.

To prevent tunneling, we recommend that for every 1 cm in diameter, you burn for 30-45 mins. So for example, if the candle is 8cm across, like a Yankee Candle’s Large Jar Candle, the first burn should be 4-5 hours. Quick Maths!

As a rule of thumb, let the top layer of wax completely liquify and pool to the edge and you can get rid of the enemy. Tunneling also prevents your scented candle to give off the optimum scent throw, leaving you to think that the fragrance is “less intense". But in fact, that’s not the case at all.

All you need is proper care of your candle and you’ll definitely enjoy its sweet sweet benefits (or musky, if that’s your thing 😉).


Protect Your Surfaces

Have you ever wondered how you can prevent heat damage to your surface surrounding your candle’s open flame?

Well jar shades are a great solution! They are designed to keep the heat of the flame inside the jar rather than escaping. This allows the candle to have a clean, even burn plus allow superb distribution of the fragrance. Which also means, no tunneling – bonus!

Also, with a variety of designs and colours, your jar shades can complement your candle well and will also look great as a home décor piece!


Have you enjoyed our candle care tips? Share with us in the comments below about any other candle hacks you’ll like to know!

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Pure Senses SG - July 12, 2019

Hi Casthenia,

Tunneling refers to when the candle burns but is not fully burned to the ends, which causes the candle to concave in the middle. More information can be found in this video:

casthenia Cheng - July 12, 2019

What does tunneling means ? Thanks

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