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Spark Joy with SS19 Elevation Collection with Platform Lid

Spark Joy with SS19 Elevation Collection with Platform Lid

With many conversations that went around about what sparks joy (all thanks to Marie Kondo), we too have pondered about it and our answer is simple – the warmth of sunny skies and the scent of fresh full blooms melts our Monday blues away! 

It sounds like a simple wish, but is it really so in scorching hot Singapore? When was the last time you heard a friend saying, “let’s go to the garden to smell some fresh flowers?” If they did, you probably thought the heat may have gone to their head.

With the latest Spring 2019 Fragrances from the Yankee Candle Elevation Collection with Platform Lid, you can enjoy the soft warmth of your candles accompanied by full-bodied floral scents. Create your ideal atmosphere with an air conditioner remote in your hand while you soak in the scents and lounge on your sofa.

This collection introduces 4 inviting scents:

A medley of blackcurrant, jasmine tea and lotus blossom, created for its refreshing and exquisite mix. For those who are into Sheer Linen and Magnolia & Lily, this is a “must-smell”! We’re sure you’ll fall in love with it. 

P.S This is a popular favourite that's getting lots of praises!

Sugared Wildflowers

With pops of lavender, hints of orchid and cool eucalyptus, your senses are in for a ride with this unique blend. Perfect for those in search of floral scents with a minty touch!

Sunlight Sands
Blooming with jasmine notes, be ready for spring with this warm earthy scent. Bonus – ylang ylang is the base for this scent, hence it adds a therapeutic touch. With its pleasing aroma, you can just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Sun-Warmed Meadows
Just imagine running across a large meadow, with your fingers brushing through soft dry reeds and soaking in the smell of Spring breeze… That’s how you’ll feel with just a whiff of Sun-Warmed Meadows.

View The Full Elevation Collection with Platform Lid Here

Have you tried any of these SS19 scents yet?
Share with us in the comments which is your favourite out of this four or what you would like to get!

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