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Unique Floral-Scented Birthday Gifts for Every Month!

Unique Floral-Scented Birthday Gifts for Every Month!

Just like birthstones, everyone has a unique flower that represents their birth month. If you’re looking to get a gift for someone special whose birthday is coming up soon, these floral scented gift ideas will be a lifesaver ;)

April – Sweet Pea

If you have friends or family who are born in April, did you know that their birth month flower symbolizes blissful pleasure? It also represents purity and innocence.

Our Garden Sweet Pea Candles is the best match for these Aries or Taurus babies. With the sweet aroma of delicate blooms, your gift will make your special one feel like they’re in a garden!

May – Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a flower that signifies sweetness, humility and motherhood. Which would actually make a great flower to gift your mum in May!

No matter your mum, sister or friend, the Yankee Candle Magnolia and Lily Elevation Candle is your best bet to pleasing these May babies! Unsurprisingly, this scent is a big hit amongst our Yankee Candle fans.

June – Rose 

The rose is a representation of devotion and love. What makes it unique is that each colour of the rose bears different meanings.

The perfect scent for those born in this birth month is the Fresh Cut Roses Large Jar Candle. This floral scent will blow away those who love rose-scented candles too.
View our curated collection here.

July – Water Lily
Water lilies are unique lotus-like flowers which illustrates purity. As each flower only floats atop the water for four days before it settles into the water, this makes them even more precious.

To represent this gracefulness, you can get our Flowers In The Sun Large Tumbler Candle for your special someone!

August – Poppy 
Poppy is known for its pop of colour and also symbolizes imagination. For an intense and intriguing scent to represent these August babies, this Madagascan Orchid Meltcup with a Scenterpiece would be a great pick!

September - Morning Glory
Morning Glories represents affection, wisdom and all-powerful love. To shower those born in September with the same amount of love, perhaps you could get them the Scentual Expressions Morning Glory Diffuser! This will get them thinking about you every time they smell the sweet floral scent.


October – Marigold
The golden blooms matches the colour of autumn leaves, making it a great fit for the fall month. Symbolizing, passion and creativity, your Libra and Scorpio mates will be happy if you gave them the Herbal Sense Organic Calendula Infused Oil!

November – Chrysanthemum
Bright and cheery, these chrysanthemums in full bloom symbolize loyalty and honesty. Get these November babies a Demeter Chrysanthemum fragrance and they’ll remember you for life!

December –  Narciscuss
Narciscuss is a flower that is symbolic of good wishes, wealth and hope. To share this symbol of good wishes and hope, gift your special someone the Splash of Rain candle!

With hints of potted narciscuss after a gentle spring rain, they can’t help but love it. Look out for this special 50th Anniversary candle as its only available in Q4 2019!

Jan – Carnation 
Carnation symbolizes admiration, love and distinction. They bloom in cool weather and are the rare flowers that can blossom in cold winter months. 

For the January babies, Yankee Candle Fluffy Towels candles is the perfect scented gift for them. The hints of carnation and warm fresh fluffy towels will make you feel warm and cozy during the cool rainy days.

February – Primrose
Primrose symbolizes young love, which ties harmoniously with February because of the month of love! 

A great scented gift which has hints of Primrose is the Aquiesse Diffuser Primrose Beach. They make a great well packaged gift and smell great in small rooms.

March – Daffodil 
The daffodil is March’s birth flower. Being the first month of spring, it makes it appropriate as the daffodil represents new beginnings, good luck and prosperity.

For your loved ones born in March, you could get them the Lafco Guest Room Daffodil & Home Diffuser! But if you feel that they aren’t too keen on the scent, create your own drawing or paint a daffodil for them! We’re sure they’ll love your meaningful surprise ;)

Anymore birthday gift ideas for your loved ones?
Share with us in the comments below!

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