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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Last Longer Than Real Flowers

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas That Last Longer Than Real Flowers

Candy, flowers and clothes again this Valentine’s? Get your date something different this year, lest she calls you boring! She deserves something she can treasure and lasts longer than a day (don’t kid yourself, you know she’ll only wear that dress once). 

Also, if you’re searching for something to get for your man, mum or best bud, you’re in luck! Just read on!


Your lady might have been hinting for you to get her roses this Valentine’s but why not take it up a notch and give her a Fresh Cut Roses scented candle instead? Filled with the aroma of fragrant heirloom roses, her room will blossom into a rose garden as she lights it up –no amount of fresh flowers can beat that romantic atmosphere!

With the option to create your own heartfelt message and personalize the candle with a meaningful photo, your candle will be one of a kind.


Looking for something bold for your beau instead? This intoxicating, masculine blend of musk and woody base is the cologne scent he always wanted. Interestingly, bergamot is also found in this fragrance and its essential oil is found in approximately 1/3 of all men’s perfumes. Available in a wide range of product types for this Midsummer's Night fragrance, there's definitely something for him.

Bonus! If your man has a sweet ride, jazz it up with our Car Jar Ultimates’, it’ll end up being his ultimate favourite ;)


Valentine’s day is not only for partners to show appreciation for each other, mums deserve it too! We owe a lot to our mums who often sacrifice so much for us. Celebrate V Day with mum, overflowing with the sweet essence of lush apricots and soft floral petals, Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose is the one gift she definitely deserves.

Besides filling the room with the smell of fresh fruits, these Large Tumblers make lovely home décor too. Especially because this fragrance’s colour complements very well with mum’s furniture!


Don’t forget about your best friend either! Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s or Galentine’s, your bestie will want to be appreciated too. Send them some love with their favourite scents – be it fruity, foody, floral or woody, we have them all.


After going through all this effort to get a gift for someone special this V Day, don’t forget that treating yourself is acceptable too! We know you'd want to pick a couple of candles too as you unwind and focus on yourself and no one’s stopping you 😉

So, what’s one scent you’ll want to get this V Day? Share with us in the comments below!

Also, if your loved ones are still clueless on what to get this V Day, share this post to spread the love 💞

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Yankee Candle Family!

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