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Authorised Retailer Programme

In a competitive and dynamic retail landscape, it's critical for you to focus on giving your customers what they want. Consumers are still willing to spend, but only on brands and products they trust to deliver the most value and best experience for their dollars, like Yankee Candle. 

America's Best Loved Candle

Yankee Candle has a deep, uniquely personal relationship with consumers. They trust us to make each day a little brighter and more enjoyable with their favourite fragrance. 

For more than 40 years, it's a responsibility we've taken seriously, because we share their passion for fragrance. Consistently ranked first in quality, our candles are made in America with the finest materials from around the world. Our candles feature natural extracts and fragrance oils, for true-to-life fragrance and long burning performance. 

Yankee Candle has maintained its dominant position as the #1 Leader and Manufacturer of premium scented candles and home fragrance products in the world.

Why Yankee Candle?

High Brand Recognition

When your customers think of scented candles, they think of Yankee Candle. Our bestselling candles - the classic jar candles- are renowned for their true-to-life fragrance, long burn times, and signature style. Used throughout the home, they are also often the first choice for a gift. 

Unmatched Product Assortment

We offer your customers a diverse assortment of home fragrances - each of which meets her various needs and interests, all from the brand she loves. 

  • Scented Candles - We are the number one ranked premium scented candle in America. These high quality, American-made candles are available in a large selection of fragrances.
  • Reed Diffusers - Using only natural reeds and high-quality fragrance oils, our reed diffusers provide continuous home fragrance for your customers to enjoy. Their decorative appeal and attractive packaging make them excellent gifts for different occasions.
  • Car Air Fresheners - Your customers get to enjoy their favourite Yankee Candle fragrance on the go with our great selection of car air fresheners. They sell exceptionally well with their relatively low price points.
  • Gel Beads -These versatile, odour neutralising beads are perfect for small spaces.

Guaranteed Newness

Consumers trust Yankee Candle to introduce exciting, authentic fragrances with every new season and we do exactly just that. Your customers will always have a reason to visit your store again.

Pure Senses Pte Ltd represents Yankee Candle in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei. We are actively looking for retail partners to help grow your business and to bring our exciting products to your customers.

If you are keen to be our authorized retailer, please contact us.

For Singapore and Brunei, please contact Johnny at +65-6473-5030 or send him an email

For Malaysia, please contact Elvin at +603-7773-1879 or send him an email at

We do not work with any retailer on a consignment basis.