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Syndopour 200-MB Soap-Free Base KG


Product Description

This unique Melt & Pour syndet base is ultra-mild and 100% soap-free.

Syndopour 200-MB is RSPO certified and gives you the ability to create a variety of mild, pH balanced hair, body and facial bars.

The first of its kind, Syndopour 200-MB has luxurious lather and high foaming properties, providing the perfect starting point for an innovative range of pH-neutral bars.

Key Ingredients

Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Propylene Glycol, Glyceryl Stearate, Aqua, Glycerin

Product Characteristics

Neutral pH 5.0-6.0

High foaming and creamy lather

100% soap free


Certified Sustainable RSPO

Dermatologically tested


Processing Crystal Melt & Pour

1. Cut & Melt: Remove the Syndopour base from the packaging and cut the product into smaller pieces to aid melting. Melt the product in a microwave or a suitable heating device ensuring that the base melts evenly. Stirring the product regularly helps to do this. Recommended heating temperature should be around 85ºC.

2. Create & Mix: Once the base is molten, add fragrance, colour and any additives to customise the base. It is recommended that the level of additives included is up to 3% maximum. This level would include up to 2% fragrance. Stability testing may be required ensure compatibility

3. Pour & Set: Spray the silicone mould with rubbing alcohol in order to prevent bubbles on the surface of the base once it is cooled. Pour the molten product into a mould between 70 - 85ºC and allow to set.

4. Remove: Once set, remove from the mould. The bars will release more easily if it has been left for 24 hours in a cool place. Once hard, package as required. If the finished product is to be sliced, we recommend using a soap wire cutter.

Product Packaging

1kg Tray

Made in the United Kingdom