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7 Must-Have Car Accessories That Are Actually Useful

7 Must-Have Car Accessories That Are Actually Useful

Owning a car for the first time is always an exciting adventure, it’s almost synonymous with experiencing “absolute freedom”, isn’t it? Now you can travel from one place to another without depending on public transport.

However, owning this precious vehicle comes with certain responsibilities. For example, to achieve a better driving environment, you'll need to rely on several car accessories to enhance your comfort, safety and performance.

Here are 7 Car Accessories that would make the ultimate road trip! (Even if it’s just to Johor Bahru)

phone mount

Image from Google

Smartphone Mount

It’s not easy to keep your hands away from your phone when you’re on the road, but let’s be smart about it. From playing your music to navigating your way around, now you can easily do those things with your phone in a fixed position with the phone holder, while you have your hands safely on the wheel!


Dashboard cameras or cameras for cars have become almost common for every motorist to have these days. It’s no surprise though, since it’s an important means of protection for your car and yourself. Besides being a cool car gadget, in the event of any unfortunate accident, the footage can be used to demonstrate who is responsible in the case of any accident. Remember, Safety.First.Always!

Car Air Freshener

Apart from the safety of drive, keep your car smelling fresh is always a responsibility for a driver. We know sometimes unpleasant smells are inevitable. The possible causes can be leftover food, sweaty clothes in car. Opting for an air freshener to freshen up your daily commutes will be a wise pick and stay away from the odour. Click here to view more on car fresheners.

Portable Jump Starter

It’s something you don’t think you need, till you get stuck somewhere in the middle of the night and your car battery dies. That’s why having a jump starter kit is a very useful car accessory to have. Have a peace of mind by jump-starting the car yourself. 

grip_pad Image from Google 

Grip Pad

The excellent sticky premium gel pad for phone, key, coins, and glasses.  The anti-slip pad is made of extra-thick soft gel, to help secure objects onto your dashboard without having to worry about things slipping/falling.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

While it's impossible to completely rid your car of dust, here’s an easy trick for keeping it at bay – a handy portable portable vacuum cleaner is a perfect choice. With this, you'll be able to keep the car's interior clean anywhere, anytime.

Car Trash Portable Bag

Have you ever piled up a bag of trash in your car and just stashed it somewhere? Your car can get cluttered easily especially after a short road trip, simple snacks or from a family picnic. The easiest solution is to have a portable trash bag in your car and simply throw it away when you get off.


We hope you've found which auto gadgets are best suitable for your needs. Stay tuned with our upcoming blog posts for more car care information! 


Written by our Intern, Victor Li.

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