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What Does Your Favourite Fruit Say About Your Personality?

What Does Your Favourite Fruit Say About Your Personality?

Have a favourite fruit of your choice? One that you always indulge in regularly? Just like personalities, fruits are unique as well! Did you know that your favourite fruit can actually say a lot about your personality?

From having a bright and cheerful character to a quest for adventure, every single trait of your personality are in one way or another linked to the fruits you eat!

If this is the first time you've heard of this, you'll want to read on! Below is a list that will help you find a fruit that matches your personality, happy matching with the fruity smelling candles!

Do you have a creative mind? Are you faithful, genuine and enjoy the company of others? All these aspects describe you to be a cherry lover! What better way to enjoy your favourite fruit or embody the fruit of your personality by enveloping yourself in the scent. If you're looking for a twist of fruity and tangy, Red Raspberry candle is for you. But if you want the scent of cherry in its purest form, then we'd recommend the Black Cherry candle!


Love taking on new challenges? Have a soft side when you are with your partner? Mangoes are your fruit! If you are always on the quest for relaxation, then the sweet and juicy Mango Peach Salsa candle suits you! But if you prefer a more refreshing scent like a beverage, how about the Passion Fruit Martini candle? The inviting scent of passion fruit will leave you wanting more.



Are you someone with a shy but thoughtful personality? Constantly determined, patient and truthful with everything that you do? Orange represents you! Be delighted with sweet & citrusy Honey Clementine candle, if you prefer something with a fresh & fruity unique scented candle, then Farmers Market will make your day. Let the fragrance of the zesty orange bring warmth to your heart!


If living life to your fullest is your motto or characteristics like independent and sincere just screams you, then you're a peach!

For a fruity, sweet & creamy scent, Grilled Peaches & Vanilla candle can fulfill your wish! If you are looking for some fresh, ripe & juicy peach, then Summer Peach candle is what you are searching for. We guarantee you'll be peachy keen with these scents ;) 


If you're always brave to make changes, quick to adapt, can make swift & good decisions... you're a perky pineapple!  Be one with yourself by opting for an exotic & fruity beverage scent like the Bahama Breeze candle. It's also one of our best smelling candles, no lie! If a mix of pineapple and dragonfruit is your go-to, then you should check out the Tropical Fruit Crush candle. Let these invigorating yummy summer scents take you to your tropical paradise! 


Smart, thoughtful and always giving your best? Then you exhibit the qualities of a coconut! Get adventurous with the tropical sweet & airy fruit fusion Guava Coconut Fusion candle. If you are seeking for some calm and quiet, the warm & blossomy Shore Breeze candle is the way to go! Let these coconut scented candles bring you on a seaside getaway! 


Surprised by what you've read? We hope you've learned something new today! Who knew your favourite fruit could represent your personality, right? Or even the fact that there'snsuch a wide array of fruit candles?

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Written by our Intern, Yu Tong.

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