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8 More Reasons To Why You Should Own A Candle

8 More Reasons To Why You Should Own A Candle

Did you know the practice of burning candles have served different purposes over centuries? It has records dating back to early 500BC showing that Ancient Romans used it for illumination while in the middle ages monks used it for religious ceremonies.

But besides fulfilling all these functional purposes, what other benefits does burning a candle serve you may ask... Before you assume it's just to "beautify" a room, the next time you consider purchasing a candle, here are 8 interesting and fascinating benefits that you should know about when burning a candle. 


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It’s Memory Evocative

Most instances, our memories are linked to scents. Studies have indicated that scent can trigger your emotional memories and bring you back to places from your fond recollection. For example, the Yankee Candle Sun & Sand fragrance allows you to recall the sunny beaches of exotic islands, the Buttercream fragrance evokes the sweet and delicious desserts you had before.

So the next time when you are feeling down, lighting a candle that reminds you of your joyful moments can change your perspective by allowing you to focus on the positive instead of the negative around you.


A Touch Of Romance

Want to take your relationship to a whole new level? Whether it be a candlelit dinner or watching your favourite movies together at home, burning scented candles allows and helps to set the mood for romance. We'd recommend the Bahama Breeze fragrance for you lovely couples! Try it out today and watch as your relationship take off! 

 Personal And Self Expression

Have a favourite genre of music, movies or even taste in food? Just like how these things make you unique, the same goes for the different candle fragrances that you light. Everyone has a particular fragrance they love and we're sure you do too! Burn a fragrance of your choice that solely belongs to you alone, making it your scent.

If you have a fun and bright personality, you may want to consider the exotically sweet and citrusy Pink Sands fragrance. If you are someone who loves calm and quiet, the Mediterranean Breeze wax candles can provide you with the refreshing relaxation you need. If you are both, you can even mix & match the fragrances or create your own that will give your living space and office a more personal touch.


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Your Stress Reliever

Are you stressed out after a long day at work or from burning the midnight oil for your upcoming exams? Sometimes life can be too overwhelming when we have little or no time for our much-needed rest. But we've got good news! Did you know that certain scented candles have the power to cure stress? We kid you not. The next time you're stressed out, just burn a Lemongrass & Ginger candle to keep the stress at bay!

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Gives You A Good Sleep

Do you have trouble falling asleep late at night? Even after trying all the methods you have researched and could think of? Here's a simple and quick tip: In the evenings, try switching off the lights and burn a scented candle in your room instead. This allows you to be calm and will reset your body clock. Without any disruption from technology, it helps you to rearrange your thoughts and actions, which is essential to provide you with a good night's sleep. Try the Midnight Jasmine fragrance for a start!

 Improves Your Focus

Find it hard to focus and concentrate when you are studying? There are certain fragrances like Kitchen Spice and Lemon Lavender that arouses your mind, which can lead to a spike in your ability to focus and better productivity. If you find burning a candle dangerous because of the flame, you can always use a Candle Warmer instead. No Burning. No Soot or other pollutants and less distractions while you study!


 Brightens Your Mood

Just like how scents can bring you back to your happy memories, it can also help lift up your mood as well. Burning your favourite scents allows you to remove the negative thoughts from your mind. Scents like Sage & Citrus and Summer Wish will build and install positive energy in you! Try it out today and you'll turn that frown upside down.


 Builds Ambience & Atmosphere

Lighting candles around your home changes the atmosphere and improves the ambience. Making it warm, friendly and welcoming. This simple act of lighting a candle, its alluring flicker and the soft glow it radiates, help to relieve and relax the mind.

Why not try it out for yourself? The next time you feel stressed, just burn a candle. Watch the flame and just take slow deep breaths for a few minutes, it'll really make all the difference. Be amazed by how burning a few candles like Sheer Linen and Magnolia & Lily in your home changes the entire atmosphere.


The benefits of burning a candle are plentiful and we hope we've made you more intrigued to carry out these exercises to reap the extra benefits these scented candles have. Burning a candle is more than what it seems and as said, it can improve your life positively! Still not convinced? Come and sniff it to believe it at our Yankee Candles stores today! 

Written by our Intern, Yu Tong.

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