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Best Kept Secrets on How to Treat Your Candle Right

Best Kept Secrets on How to Treat Your Candle Right

Ever wonder what causes the funky soot smell when you burn your candles? Just like everything worth having, your scented candles need some tender loving care too. Here are two best-kept secrets on how to treat your candles right!


Trim Your Wick

We all trim our hair to reduce hair damage - to get rid of the old and bring in the new. So why not trim your wick too?

Our candle wicks need to be paid attention to every time we burn them because the longer the wick is, the more soot it’ll form – leading to that oh, so unpleasant smoky fumes.

We suggest using a handy wick trimmer to cut the wick with ease and to always snip it, leaving only 3mm to ½ an inch of the candle wick.


Use An Illuma Lid Jar Candle Topper

Did you know that your candle's best friend is the Illuma-Lid® Jar Candle Topper? They add a touch of your style to the candles and help steady the flame for a clean and even burn.

If your main concern is having an uneven pool of candle wax, top it up with this Illuma Lid to alleviate your pet peeve!

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Are you enjoying these candle care tips? We'll reveal more soon, just keep your eyes peeled!

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