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2019 Spring Flea Market - Full List of FREE Items

2019 Spring Flea Market - Full List of FREE Items

Hi Yankee Candle Family,

We know you've been waiting long for this list!

For those who are unaware of what our Flea Market is, it is an event we organize several times a year to giveaway FREE items to our eligible customers!* This Spring Flea Market will be the first one for the year :)

Usually, our collection of free gifts includes naturally faded scented candles to decolourized wax candles, wickless candles, scratched candle warmers, chipped candle accessories and candles with no labels. 

BUT for this Spring Flea Market, as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary this year, we've got many extra deals just for you and also products that are in mint condition! 

All the limited edition 50th Anniversary candles are brand new, as well as the 2019 Scent of The Year Candle. As these candles are currently not for sale, we urge you to grab it while you can ;)

Other than the FREE items available only for eligible customers*, to commemorate our 50th Anniversary, we will be having exclusive $50 deals in limited sets happening at the 1-day event for ALL registered customers!

*Customers who have spent $200 in the past 12 months. To check your eligibility, drop us an FB DM or email.

yankee-candle-discount yankee-candle-discountyankee-candle-discount yankee-candle-discount

Without further ado... here's the full list of items which will be waiting for you to pick them up on the day :)

*If the images are too small, just right click and open in a new tab to zoom in ;)

yankee-candle-list-of-itemyankee-candle-list-of-itemyankee-candle-list-of-itemyankee-candle-list-of-itemStay up to date with our event updates when you RSVP on our Facebook Event Page!

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