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Delight In Spring Treats This March!

Delight In Spring Treats This March!

At times in life, we need to delight in the simple joys of life, slow down and enjoy each day as it comes.

This month's collection of fragrances on 25% OFF wants you to do just that! Featuring A Calm & Quiet Place, Sweet Nothings, Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose & Rainbow Cookie, you know you're going to be relaxed this weekend. 

Here's a little more about the scents we have this month, we hope we do a good job in tempting you to treat yourself! 


A Calm & Quiet Place

We all long for that personal time whereby we can just take a step back, enjoy a slow day and do whatever we want. Unwind with A Calm & Quiet Place and you'll slip into a tranquil state of mind.


Rainbow Cookie

Ever walked past a cookie shop and think… I could smell this all day? Well, us too! With a tinge of citrus and a dash of peach, topped with vanilla frosting, this is the scent you want to be smelling all day. 


Sweet Nothings

Warm, soft and sweet - no we're not talking about your pet. Want to know what warm, soft and sweet smells like? Comfy paradise awaits when you get your hands on our Sweet Nothings pieces!


Sun-Drenched Apricot Rose
The blooming scents of juicy apricots and lush rose petals will keep you craving for more! As you light it up, your living space will be fully immersed with its perfect mix of soft powder and rose scents.

Tempted yet? Get these fragrances on 25% OFF this month ONLY!

Which scent is your favourite? Share in the comments below.

We hope you treat yourself to a good and relaxing weekend, Happy Thursday, you're almost there! ;)

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