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Summer Deals to Enjoy This June Vacation!

Summer Deals to Enjoy This June Vacation!

Summer is here which means that it's time for vacation!  Whether you go for picnics on the beaches or watch the sunset in the fields, warmth & sweetness will always be breezing by! This month, you get to SAVE on your favourite summer scents that leaves you warm and fuzzy all day long.

With candle scents like Vanilla Cupcake, Golden Sands, Sunset Fields, Black Sand Beach and Coconut Beach, there’s so many to choose from - you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.

So if you are short of time to enjoy a long vacation, we have the next best thing to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Here’s us sharing a little more about our fragrances for this month, to make up for those missed special moments.


Vanilla Cupcake

Who doesn’t love a freshly-baked smelling cupcake? Topped with vanilla icing, delicious malted sugar and fragrant vanilla beans. The Vanilla Cupcake scented candle has that sugary goodness that will keep you enticed all day!


Golden Sands

Ever felt like relaxing at the beach all by yourself, enjoying the gorgeous sunset with the light cool breeze gently blowing? Enlighten yourself with Golden Sands wax candles, it has a hint of lemon zest, soothing sandalwood and orange florals put together for your relaxation.



Sunset Fields

Imagine going on an adventure with your family through the flower fields and enjoying the sunset with them… Unwind yourself with Sunset Fields Jar Candles, it has a hint of musky and woody warm notes with floral sunflowers. Perfect for setting the mood.



Black Sand Beach

Picture yourself walking on the rich volcanic sands combined with the fragrance of jasmine and orchids, with a hint of vanilla. Bring home the Black Sand Beach Candles, you can bring this elusive and inviting scent near you.



Coconut Beach

Get refreshed and rejuvenated in the tropics with Coconut Beach! It has a refreshing scent of coconut blended with pineapple, a hint of vanilla mixed with sea breeze. That is all that you need in a scented fragrance candle to let go of whatever’s on your mind!

Before you go, head here to SHOP ALL FRAGRANCES OF THE MONTH.

We hope you have a fabulous time to get your groove back this summer!
Bon Voyage!
Written by our Intern, Yu Tong.

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